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This site is the property of Mi'gauss and designed by the Makalin Group within Pittsburgh Pa. Any content relevent to the HTML codes such as broken links, or improper designed HTML should be referenced by writing to

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This site, and all the material within this content is the literary property of the band members for Mi'gauss. All pages, and materials are protected by the public copyright protection act set forth by the Library of Congress within the Capitol Washington District of Columbia within the United States of America. No material maybe copied, and used or displyed publically without written consent of the band members, or one thier appropriate agents. If Such party is no longer in existence with the band, then newer approval must be affirmed within a period of no more than 30 days.

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This Site was design by Frank Pilone, which is the owner of the Makalin Group. The content was delivered by email, and then requested to make HTML versions of the material presented. All pages uses HTML 4.0 with no proprietary codes. It is recommended that HTML 4.0 browser should be used to view this material.

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