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Mi'gauss is the continuation of a legacy of ultra-heavy low-end Death Metal begun in 1989 by Chris Allen (Andaqua) and Barry Mull (Shumoc), under the name Sub Effect. Creating their own music scene in hometown Greensburg, PA, Sub Effect played more than twenty shows between 1990 and 1991 averaging a crowd of two hundred. After gigs with Pittsburgh's Eviction, Sub Effect disbanded in late 1992 leaving their only recording, "Thirteen minutes and Thirty Four Seconds of seemingly Endless Pain."

In 1993, Andaqua went to drum for Rottrevore. Later, Shumoc also joined Rottrevore. They played several shows in support of the 'Iniquitous' LP while writing new material for the second Rottrevore LP,which never saw the light of day. Andaqua and Shumoc left Rottrevore in 1995 for various reasons.

Shortly afterwards, Mi'gauss was formed. 'Mi'gauss' is Pennsylvania Shawnee for 'total warfare.' It is pronounced 'mee-gawss'. Much of the imagery and lyrical content of the music is based on the ancient ways of the Talaqua Shawnee. Staying true to their original intentions, Andaqua and Shumoc kept putting together the heaviest music possible, melding the pagan tribal ambiance of their native music with the most extreme elements of Death/Black Metal music. Rest assured that there will be no trendy Gothic Black Metal found here, only intense ultra heavy low-end audio warfare.

After some time, Nate Rossi, whom Rottrevore recruited to replace Shumoc on guitar, left Rottrevore to join Mi'gauss. Scott Franks (T'dequi), formerly of Crepitus, joined on bass to complete the line up. Shortly after the process of being a full band began to take form, Nate left to front the band Incantation. Then, in September of 1996, Andaqua was in an automobile accident, which left him without the use of his left leg for almost a year. This put things on hold for a while.

After much rehearsal and intensive song composition, in June of 1997 Mi'gauss released their first demo, 'Algonquin War Metal'. This was followed by shows in Pittsburgh, Clearfield, and Johnstown with Sathanas, Blood Coven, Incantation, Vital Remains, Garden of Shadows, Nightstick, Edenrot, Lethal Prayer, and Deceased.

Scott left the band in early 1998, leaving Andaqua and Shumoc to continue as a two-piece. At this time, Mi'gauss played several gigs, without a bass player, from Toledo, Ohio to the Maryland Metal Fest. In the summer of 1998, Craig Curran, formerly of Black Magic and Epotaph, joined on guitar, and the trio began to write in profusion for an upcoming CD release. Later in 1998, Jim Debenderfer (Sakkwa), formerly of Demise and Lethal Prayer, joined on bass guitar.

Mi'gauss has had a good year in 1999. Mi'gauss played shows with Lethal Prayer, Funerus, Blood Coven, Crayon Death, Dominion, Devour, Malevolent Creation, and Overkill. Mi'gauss has also recorded a CD demo with new material. Personal and creative differences caused Jim to leave the bass position of Mi'gauss in late 1999. Fred Smith, formerly of Devour, has joined in his place, and the band lineup seems finally stable.

Mi'gauss list as influence bands such as: Winter, Disembowlment, Bolt Thrower, Dismember, Slayer, Carnage, (old) Entombed, Grave, Divine Eve, Crimson Relic, Kreator, Satyricon, and Darkthrone, as well as the extreme aspects of all heavy music. Mi'gauss is resolved to fight on toward victory in this Metal War!