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Lyrics for the 1999 Demo



Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
Generations of honor
Pride and dignity

Look into my mind
What do you find
Uncompromising path
A place in time

Take my hand
Into another place
Where time has no meaning
The moon sets its own pace

We come from the waters
The Yoc and the Mon
Loyal Hanna
This is Akaman

Ally of the Thunderers

A storm is coming
Upon our nation
The serpents descend
They invade our peace
They come for our blood
Our wives, our children

They come for me
Nana Bush

Ally of the thunderers
Descend upon our enemies
Bless us with your power
To win this war

Ally of the thunderers
The powers that be
Bring forth the ancients


Standing here I look at the ground
In somberness I prepare
Frozen winds the earth does breathe
On the eve of mi'gauss
Your destruction I will bring

We lie mummified

If you come upon me
As I look upon the sky
Then you'll kneel before me
'Cause I'm the one you want
I'm the lord of despair

Why is this happening
How long will I live
To the ancients
My life I give

We lie mummified

Ni'sa Modoc'wi

You tormented the one
You thought was odd
But now there are many
Now you are fucking with power

The circle you've broken
Puts you beyond the vale
Now it's the circle you hail

By scaring my brother
Ni' Modoc'wi
You now
Scar me

Ni' Modoc'wi (3x)

We came to raise the hatchet
To be covered with blood
Your blood

Rage Fury Battle Glory

(Repeat first verse)

T'dequi Manito

Witness the sunfall
Behold the pitch rise
In sin within
The dark angel flies on

How can we be
When there's no hope at all
How can we see
When there's nothing at all

(Repeat first verse)

In darkness I see
The enemy upon me
You'll lie
Suffer under me

Corrosion Unforeseen

The beginning
The everlasting wonder
What it was
Still unknown

Did it start
With an explosion
Or a creation
Of the ultimate question

The lord
God so we call
A spirit
Of only holy

No proof of his existence
Yet remains immense blind worship
Beings devote
Precious lives
To a savior
Still unknown

They hope for
They pray for
A gate to peace

A place unknown
2001 the images to return

Those who have trusted
Those who have followed
Shall fly to peace

Those who have questioned
Those who have denied
Shall rot in hell