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Algonquin War Metal

Band Line-Up:

Barry Mull:Vocals/Guitars
Fred Smith :Vocals/Bass
*Scott Franks:Bass*
*Craig Curran:Vocals/Guitars*
*Chris Allen:Drums*

Supposedly never in the band (just a "guest"):

*Quinn Lukas:Guitars*

Mi'gauss was based in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, and was formed by former Sub Effect and Rottrevore members Barry Mull and Chris Allen. Their music was a 'distinct fusion of Algonquin life and extreme metal.' Low vocals and grinding or strummed guitars were offset by somber melodies and commanding drum and cymbal work. The band described their music as 'Algonquin War Metal,' and it spoke for the band's true Algonquin heritage.


Last Updated:  April 19, 2004

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